Haley Kelly, Owner and Creative Director


Haley Kelly takes a thoughtful approach to every event, ensuring each is artistically inspired, impeccably organized and infused with personal touches. Awe-inspiring installations and reveals become unforgettable moments, while even the smallest details support an event’s exceptionally crafted concept. Years of experience across the industry give Haley a unique edge on event logistics and seamless preparation.


Over the years, Haley always found a reason to have a party. “In my family we celebrate everything – birthdays, half-birthdays, Kentucky Derby – people know us for being the home that is always welcoming and hosting.” Today she and her husband make any excuse to have a dinner party, oyster roast or a night out at a new hot spot, whether it’s celebrating friends’ promotions, welcoming new neighbors or planning their two young children’s birthdays. It’s that determined sense of celebration and togetherness that drives Haley’s love of creating a perfect experience that won’t be forgotten.


Haley Kelly Events blends an artisanal approach with innovative problem-solving and obsessive attention to detail, always delivered with unparalleled service. Working with clients to make decisions around one of their biggest days is a constant reminder of how important the personal details are – first dance song selections, making private time for families to gather, highlighting the tenderness of a heartfelt toast. Not even a hurricane can thwart an event if Haley Kelly is at the helm – every moment is flawless.

Abbey Lyon, Associate Planner

Abbey Lyon’s diverse background in hospitality and healthcare brings a unique approach to event planning: one where empathy and warmth meet organization, productivity, and meticulous execution. This is where, Abbey believes, her expertise as a professional problem solver helps clients and their families translate their passions and interests into the perfect celebration. She loves to help clients honor family traditions and reinvent them through new, innovative design elements. She loves to demonstrate her creativity and attention to detail through both design and logistical planning to help service the most modern and traditional of clients. Whether it is creating a checklist or spreadsheet, to communicating with your vendors, Abbey loves to help you bring all of the pieces together to help create the perfect day for you and your families!

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